Rittenhouse Square Park.  Still snowy.


I am quite enjoying this snow thing.  Sure it’s cold and all, but it does feel good on the toes (when there isn’t any of that nasty salt on the streets).  We did find a nice way around that salt – a liberal smush of Vaseline on my feet before we go outside each day – so now no stinging!

Woo-hoo!  Smushy toes and a field of wet, white goodness.



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One thought on “Saturday in the Snow”

  1. Dear Bogie, we agree: snow and Dales do go hand in hand, they are made for each other. He heee … so says Bel, original SoCal-Dale-who-has-never-seen-snow-until-last year-when-he-turned-11-years-young, Yippeeee!

    Bel (ma says my big bro Andy who is an AireAngel now was a true authetic SUPERSNOWDALE, whoa!!!!)

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