How do you make it better when you’ve forgotten that it’s going to snow – and your human companion is unprepared?  Point out the pine cones that are bigger than both of your heads.  Of course.

Yes it was a surprise snowstorm for the inhabitants of Casa Bogart, but not for the general Philadelphia population apparently.  We spent the morning slipping and sliding around on our way to Rittenhouse Square park…

Which is lovely.  Some hearty souls were even out for a mini farmers market (I spotted fish and mushroom vendors).

While I posed majestically.  Yet again.  Full snow beard effect.  Oh you say, you can’t see it?




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4 thoughts on “Winter Wondaireland”

  1. Hi Bogart…nice to see a little snow isn’t keeping you down buddy…we love to see your adventures…you are toooooo much fun! Mwah! Lola and the boys….

  2. Oh Bogart, I just want to smooch your nose.

    Is it super-creepy that my boyfriend and I dream about driving up from Delaware and chilling in Rittenhouse Park in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Handsome Devil? It is? Oh, well forget I mentioned it then…

  3. Oh, Bogie … I dunno which one is more majestic – your snow beard or those pine cones worthy of a KING that you are.

    Bel (snow? what snow? no we have no snow ova here …)

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