We’re in the midst of a grand re-design of To Aire is Divine – you may notice some things not yet finished, others half done, some not even touched.  Hopefully the dust and detritus doesn’t detract from enjoying your Aire-xperience here, and should clear out soon!



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4 thoughts on “Pardon Our Dust!”

  1. Oh Bogie
    I looooooove youw new look
    It’s stylish and wondewful just like you and youw Mama
    (xept that dwawing kinda weminds me of me wif youw Mama, hehehe)
    smoochie kisses

  2. Bogie, I bet that drawing was made by your mama. C’mon, just tell us, spill all the beans. We know your mama is a talented artist!

    Bel (my mama is a talented artist wannabe/in her dreams … he heee)

  3. How cool, you are going to the next level. You are my Role Model. I would love to have one of these someday! Love ya Bogie and Lulu.
    Oh thank Heaven, here comes 2011. I know it is going to be just the BEST year we have had in a long time.

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