Woo-hoo!  More Xmas trees!  Tonight we actually made it in time for the lighting of the Love Park tree.  We missed the City Hall one by a few minutes, but it was in full flower when we got there so…  And I’m pleased to report that these two are much nicer than the all-white one I saw earlier this week.

Just across the street, in front of City Hall, is the source of a lot of recent controversy here in Philly.  The Christmas Village.  An outdoor group of vendors – food, wine, presents of all kinds – it’s really lovely.  But apparently lots of people in their hyper-PC-ness wanted to call it the Holiday Village, and the sign was taken down.  Well now it’s back up again, and after walking through it I can say really folks, it is set up as a Christmas-type area (Santa is there), so don’t get your panties all in a bunch.  Anyone and everyone can walk around, see lovely handmade things, and enjoy a glass of mulled wine.

Even dogs.

Although this guy looked a little shifty to me.

I couldn’t go inside the food and drink areas so I cannot attest to their yumminess, but lots of happy, satisfied humans coming out so that’s a good sign.

Yeah, mama’s camera doesn’t do justice to things shot in low light or at night.  Most of the pictures come out like this one.  But just squint your eyes and you’ll see the loveliness…

And, somehow, mama managed to make the newspaper with her heroic quote about the whole thing – “Oh, who cares?”.  Yep, that’s my mama…



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3 thoughts on “Lighting Up the Aire”

  1. Hi Bogart! We love to read your stories…where you get to clear the AIRE and set the proverbial record straight…there’s nothing like a good Dale Tale about sporting your wares around town…..we love your poetic sense and of course that you call it like you see it….the very nature of a Dale! You make your fellow Dales proud, proud proud……cause inside we secretly know you have a softie center just like us….the Mammas can see it everytime! Ya know, you’d be a good reporter……..really! Merry Christmas and Happy Pawlidays to you and your Mamma!

  2. Bogie, just as you saided we squinteded and seed a lot of interesting things. Oooooooo!!!! :mrgreen: So, how much mulled wine did you gotted, heh???

    And your mama really saved the day from all those wicked overly enthusiastic PC peepl. Thankies, mama Lulu in black velvet coat. We loveded the part about you twos.

    Bel (Santa? Give him to meeeeeeee ….)

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