We arrived at Rittenhouse Square Park tonight, bright-eyed (mama) and bushy-tailed (me).  There was supposed to be a tree-lighting ceremony, and while our timing meant we’d miss most of the pageantry, we still decided it was a good idea to go.

Well, there are lots of plain, white lights around the park.  In a semi-holiday-ish fashion.  Arranged with no particular care.

But then again there was this – a crane still working to place lights on the tree, at least an hour-and-a-half after the tree was to be unveiled.  And again, all white lights.  Not super creative, not super festive there Philly.  Didn’t even really catch this dog’s eye.  Of course I still pooped in the park, but I was expecting a bit more.

We may try some of the other holiday trees around town, in a never-ending search for cool twinkly lights (to poop by).



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5 thoughts on “Tree Lighting?”

  1. Me thinkey, Bogie, that it is truly your special touch (and dare I say, a dash of poop) that did lit up the whole place. You, again, saved the day for Philly! :mrgreen:

    Bel (doing my best here, in the woods, lighting up whatevah I can …)

  2. ummm, Bogawt, May I suggest a twip to NewYawk City????we’we awash in all sowts of lights..the onliest pwoblem is you get squished by the numbew of hoomans gawking them, heheh
    love you lots
    smoochie kisses

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