Oh, you silly humans.  Today you are all at the malls, in the stores, shopping your hearts out.  And I get to explore the city with a lot more room.

I can play games, run, frolic, and chase anything that moves – without being on a short leash or tripping over slow-moving humans.  Woo-hoo!

I can also stop and smell the…

Well, they’re not roses… not really sure what they are… but they do smell interesting, …

Ok, one quick pose – get the horse-drawn carriage in the background!  Oh such incredible composition skills you have mama (not to mention those super stylin’ gloves)…

It’s a nice, relaxing day, and I think I’m going to light up a big one.  A big stogie.  You know, MY kind of stogie.

That’s right – I am a stogie aficionado, and you should see the looks I get while walking through the streets of the big city, stogie cocked jauntily out of the side of my mighty jaws.  Yeah… I’m a cool character.

Yes, yes, it’s me… no autographs, please!



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3 thoughts on “Black (and Tan) Friday”

  1. Dear Bogie, you really gave a new meaning to the whole idea of “Black Friday”. And your mama’s mittens are just so absolutely … there. My mamsie wants dem exactly da same. She might even sillyfy dem further to reflect her personality …


  2. No malls for us either. We did outdoors stuff.
    Our little Portland town, made the national news, when somebody had the idea to blow up the tree lighting ceremony, in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Yikes!
    A new reason to avoid big crowds!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

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