If it’s Thanksgiving, then it must be the National Dog Show on TV!  I always tune in to see what my fellow terriers are up to.

This was the Airedale – a handsome devil from what I can see, but I can’t see much.

They didn’t actually show the Airedale’s performance – and while I am interested in the other terriers, I did really want to see the Airedale strut his stuff.  I mean, even though he’s pretty blurry here, how can you have a dog show without the King of Terriers?

Mama and I decided to spend Thanksgiving together, the entire day, as I am the thing she is the most thankful for this year and she is my most thankful thing in return.

We are both equally thankful for the kitties, but they weren’t interested in exploring the city during the rain (and even some snow!) today with us.  We threw caution to the wind, going outside without my raincoat.

It’s very strange to be in a big city on a major holiday – the streets are empty, devoid of people and other dogs.  I like it because it means that I get more room to roam.

And Rittenhouse Square Park is MINE, ALL MINE I say!

I have assumed since I got here that this lovely park belongs to me, but haven’t had any proof until today.  And the newest decorations are lovely, I approve.

I would like to see it lit up, as I noticed there was a plug and all, so perhaps another time, eh?

You would think that because it was raining we would walk less and just do a quick turn through the park, but you would be wrong.  Rain does not deter this Dale in the dispatch of his duties – and today doody is my duty – so I shall do a thorough exploration of “my” park without any pesky interruptions from people who think I’m adorable or dogs who might want to wrassle.

And I am thankful for ALL OF YOU, my faithful readers, who tune in to hear the almost-daily ramblings of this Dale.  You make my butt wiggle!



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7 thoughts on “Is There Anyone Out There?”

  1. That’s what we said about the dog show! Where is the Airedale??
    We were robbed, Bogart!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. A Christmas Frog, one more gem to our priceless collection of everything Bogie. Oh, how thankful we are for your presence in our lives, dear fuzzy one! Please keep exploring this beautiful world, walking your mama on leash, to the utmost joy and pleasure of us, your faithful followers. Happy ThanksGiving!

    Bel, and his ma’n’pa

  3. We were watching the same awesome show, Bogey! You have good taste. Of course Tater’s got her eyes peeled on the TV whenever there are other canines strutting their stuff across the screen. Imagine her surprise when one of the commercials featured another dog with the same name! That’s right, there’s another Tater Tot in the world!! http://www.toaireisdivine.com/blog/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_surprised.gif She was rightly amazed. Ah well, I’m sure there are no other Bogart Handsome Devils out there… you are UNIQUE. Thanks for showing us around your empty city today, we like walkin’ in the rain, too. Take good care, Bogey and Lulu.
    ~Terry & Tater

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Bogey Boy! Same for your mama!

    Of course you don’t mind walking in the rain…you were an Oregonian for many moons, and everyone knows we Portlanders are used to the wet stuff.
    Mama took us for a quick walk today because she had turkey dinner to fix. We got to eat turkey and some gravy and dressing. We also had two bites of cheesecake…..yummmmm. Mommy says we had better not keep her up tonight with upset tummy’s. Naw….we will just snore and keep her awake that way.

    Aire Hugs to you,


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