Mama makes my chicken soup a few days at a time now in my handy-dandy crockpot.  With thanksgiving coming this week, she’s added a few new veggies for my fuzzy pleasure.

I don’t really care about the veggies, but don’t tell her that.  She’s excited about it.

Instead of my regular sweet potato, carrot, and beans, I get sweet potato, carrot, okra, rutabaga, and celery – mmmmmmmm

It looks good now – I’d take it as is – but after a few hours of stewin’, it’s going to be PERFECT

Even the carnivores in the house agree.

Kafka did try to steal a chicken breast out of the pot while mama wasn’t looking, but I thwarted his attempt.  He comforted himself by taking the chicken container out of the trash, running around with it, and then settling in for some carnivore fun of licking it clean.  Go Kafka!




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One thought on “Chicken Soup – Thanksgiving Style”

  1. Good Jaws, Kafka … errrr … me meant Good Job. Yeah, me says the same thing: the bestedest vegetable is CHICKEN … he heeee

    Bel (can’t get enough Red vegetables!)

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