Ah… sunshine.  I know that winter is coming – I can feel the ruffling in my fuzz – but I intend to enjoy you as much as possible while you’re here.

Must explore parks…

And bask in the glow as much as possible.

Hey wait a minute… what’s that?

I see something behind your back mama… you know that you are going to have to give it to me!!!

Hehehe.  STICK.

Thanks for that – now I’m drivin’.

You know that you mentioned that you wanted to see the new South Street bridge, so lets go!

Just opened, brand spanking-ly-newly-done South Street bridge.  No graffiti or trash or anything “city-like” on it yet.

Have I mentioned that I’m kind of freaked out by flags?  Especially when they’re really waving around.  All of that movement is kind of disconcerting (I can’t really wrap my head around this whole wind thing you humans seem to all know about).

But it is an awfully pretty view.  Still nice to meet ya, Philadelphia.



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5 thoughts on “South Street Strolling”

  1. Bogie, we wants to know: does your mama curl up your gorgeous mustache? We feels jealous. Coz your cuteness is growing fasteder than we can handle our outbursts of Airedmiration … 😆

    Bel (mooooom, don’t even think about it … curling up my ‘stache!!!)

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