Oh lions of Philadelphia, how you taunt me.  But I am not moved by your majesty, I HAVE THINGS TO DO.

It’s time to head to the park – for a little Dale R-and-R.

Ah, Washington Square Park.  The one here in Philadelphia.  A wonderful place where a boy can walk, run, and…

Oh crap.  So I’m NOT supposed to be in the plant beds?  So then tell me this:  Why are the plant beds so irresistible?  The varied levels of plant life, the leafs of many colors, the flower shrubs at just the right height for a boy to pee on them…

Time to investigate some of the local flora that I am actually allowed to investigate.

Like the big trees here – there is SOMETHING here in the tangled roots, I just have to get to it.

And what better way than by flexing my fine, terrier digging muscles.  As always, dig first, then go in for a full face sniff.

Alas, all of that digging for nothing (other than the fine pleasure of digging – which is absolutely NOT nothing).  There must be something else in this park today, something like…


Sticks serve so many purposes, here I am using this fine one as a sort of primitive toothbrush.  You know, to brush my teeth.  If I actually did brush my teeth.  Or if I even cared about such things.

Oh hell, I’m just chewing on a tasty stick, who am I kidding.



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3 thoughts on “Sticking Around”

  1. Oh, Bogie! You are such a cutie. And you made my mama giggle looking at your sweet pictures. And the stickies? She said they look sooooo irresistible that she would gladly crash next to you to share a chew …..

    Bel (yeah, me too)

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