Oh mama, a Big Happy Birthd-aire-day to you!

My very favorite pair of opposable thumbs – oh, and everything else too.

I’ve got you pretty well-trained at this point, so no reason to trade you in for a newer model.  You’ve taken good care of me, the kitties, and dad so now I’ve got to think of something special to do for you.  Oh, and you still look pretty good for an old lady.



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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mama”

  1. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Deeeeaaaaar Lulu…
    Happy Birthday to You!

    Hope it’s super duper, Bogart’s Mama!
    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. A VERY Happy Birthday to your mama, Bogey! She is a keeper. We’ve only gotten to hang with her once, but we give our paw of approval….and our mama thinks she’s pretty cool too.


  3. Ya know Bogie, you could share a bite of that kitty-kookie with your mama, for one. Me sure she’ll truly appreciate the gesture. And me don’t think your old lady is all that old at all. Naah, you didn’t think so either, did ya? You were just teasing, we all knew dat.

    and Happy Birthday once more to your mama,
    Bel-Bel, and his ma’n’pa

  4. Happy Birthday to Mama! Maybe you could take her for a nice walkie to that cookie place, mmmm. We luv see’in your new adventures!
    Woody Wood One Holmes

  5. Happy Birthday Lulu!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful time, and you are the BEST for sharing Bogart’s and your adventures with us. Thanks so much

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