No costume for this Dale – I’ll leave that to other doggies who don’t have their mama’s as well trained as I have mine.  We did see some cute costumes out there today, but didn’t manage to catch any decent photos of them (uh… gotta work on your covert photography skills mama).

But we did see this:

And this:

It’s almost like part of the Pumpkin Village People (although it would be harder to do the arm movements for P-U-M-P-K-I-N than it is for Y-M-C-A).

Time to enjoy a Halloween snackie.  Mama somehow visited Just Dogs Gourmet this week without me (grrrr) but hey, I still get a black cat cookie out of it so I will forgive her.  This time.

As covered in previous cookie-eating posts, ALWAYS BITE THE HEAD OFF FIRST

You can try for the tail first, but it never works.  Concentrate on the kitty command module.

See?  All is right in the world.

Hope you all are enjoying your Halloween – black cat cookies all around!



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2 thoughts on “Hall-aire-ween”

  1. Well, dear pal Bogie, following your excellent tutorial on edible black kitties, me finally got one misself, and ate it just as you taught us. Only mine had white eyes not yellow. But it didn’t stop me from biting it’s head off first. Too bad you weren’t there with me. I would have shared. NOT. BWA-HA-HA-HA!!! (sorry couldn’t help it … sigh)

    Bel (well, maybe one day, then, if I work hard enough on my food issues …)

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