Mama always tells me that I’m a piece of work.  I choose to believe that this means art work.  So I have a habit of standing next to artworks around town.  Philadelphia is great for this, as there are murals everywhere.

I kind of fit right into the painting, don’t I?  And of course, take advantage of the “tree” as any good dog would do.

We did seem to be on a tree theme this evening.

As you can see, it was getting dark.  I’m not feeling the darkess during my evening walkie, it’s really supposed to be sunny at this time.  But the darkness does occasionally yield very interesting things, case in point:

This is a very cool artwork outside of Jefferson medical school.  Unassuming by day, at night when it is lit from inside it casts a wonderful light projection on the buildings and sidewalk surrounding it.

Lots of different languages, but I was searching for the one that could be understood by all dogs:  a good place to pee.  I did not find it at the base of this fine artwork, but did notice a particularly good spot only a few feet away in some grass.  All good!



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3 thoughts on “Mural-tastic”

  1. Me always say, Bogie, that a good dog will always find a good tree. Period.

    You are a MASTERpiece of art, undoubtedly.

    But wait – what was that? You almost got me believing you already got first snow in Philly … he he heeee 😆


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