So… we are supposed to head over to the waterfront to see some new interactive art-thingy.  Apparently mama is still a bit confused, because we crossed over to the other side of the bridge from where it was happening.  See those floaty things?  I sure do.

They have caught my attention and mesmerized me even from this far away.

Come on, I wanna see the art!

Light Drift is an interactive riverfront lighting experience presented by the Mural Arts Program as part of DesignPhiladelphia here in Philly.  Right now it looks like alien pods landing in extremely tight formation on the Delaware.

I am confused.

And kind of excited.

The signage tells us that yes, we are in the right place and these are the soon-to-be-glowing orbs we are looking for.

Soon we began to quickly lose light, and…

Those suckers started to glow!  I went in for a closer look and full inspection of these funny pods.

I even tried to hop in to see if I could get to the bottom of what was making them glow and change color.  No dice.

But as it got darker they glowed even more and it was really lovely.  Some ambient, atmospheric music played over loudspeakers and I was moved.

Aliens… or art?  I vote for art (with some cool alien touches).  Unless the aliens are just really, really cool.

I tell ya Philadelphia, we are liking you more and more.



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7 thoughts on “Airedale Art Critic”

  1. They look like you could just reach out and grab em, and they bob too. I saw you warning them to be careful too! You find the bestest stuff!

  2. Definitely, art, Bogie. Me agrees. Ahhhhhh, very bootiful. But, the question remains nevertheless: was there food hidden inside them, glowing alien thingies ❓

    Bel (always art- and food- oriented)

  3. Loved hearing your voice Bogart — a first for me!! Are you a Tenor, Baritone or Bass? The art installation was pretty cool too! 🙂


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