Take note, cats in the window, THIS is how us dogs take charge.

Just grab the Flexi while mama isn’t looking and RUN.

It will still be attached to you, of course, we wouldn’t want to do anything stupid…

Does your mama try to take back the Flexi?  There is no reason to stand for that (well, you may have to stand up as I do to grab it).

Your mighty jaws should take care of getting that Flexi back into it’s rightful hands (uh, jaws).

Slobber is your friend in this battle.  It will make the Flexi more slippery to those non-fuzzy paws the humans have, and apparently they don’t like to grab a handful of it.  Use this knowledge wisely.

And as always, busting out a huge smile can get you pretty much anything you want.  See?

Thank you, mama.

Oh, I shall humor you for a little while, allow you to hold the dog-spit-covered Flexi.  At least while we’re in the park, then it’s mine again ok?



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6 thoughts on “Master of the Flexi”

  1. Oh, Bogie, your Lessons of Life are so profound!!! 😆

    Bel (still learning from your great wisdom …)

  2. You look so proud and happy today, with your control of the leash!


    I like to walk myself too. Airedales should be in control….we’re the Kings!

  3. You were just offering to carry it for her right? You’re the bestest!
    Woody from Portland ( Callie Mae crossed over the bridge 🙁 )

  4. Hi, Bogie and Bogie’s Mama,

    I have two Airedales in my life, so I well know the challenge of trying to take pictures while holding one or two spritely beasts on leashes. The quality of my photography is generally not ideal as a result. Not only do I appreciate the wonderful adventures you chronicle here, but I am so impressed with how amazingly you capture those adventures in pictures. The cats in the window picture particularly made my day!

    All the best, Vicki

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