Woo-hoo!  Outfest!  And it’s happening on our block just outside of our apartment!

Your intrepid reporter Bogart Handsome Devil here, reporting from Outfest.  Today I have seen assless chaps (oh so many assless chaps), feather boas, and lots of (according to mama) extremely attractive men.  Most of whom thought I was adorable.  GO OUTFEST!

We walked around as much as we could, it got pretty crowded for a dog, and did I mention that there were lots of assless chaps?  Remember folks, I am at assless-chap-level.  The more you know…

After we wandered away from Outfest, I found this neato cat.  Not a real one, to my chagrin, but one that apparently helps out when your shoes are dirty.  Awfully – unusually – helpful for a cat, I believe.  I don’t think that any of my cats would do such a thing.  Ever.

Mmm… fall is here, and the good people of Philadelphia have been putting lots of great-smelling things outside of their buildings.

And some really scary things, but lets not focus on that, shall we?

Yummo and scary.

I know which one I choose.

And of course, mama chooses this one (she’s so weird).

But we can both agree on this cool cat.  Looking good!



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4 thoughts on “Outfest”

  1. Those are some pretty scary Halloween decorations. And thank you for not showing us the assless chaps 🙂 Wouldn’t your back side get chilly?


  2. You are such a … PUMPKIN yousself, Bogie! As in “cute”, that is.

    As for the chapless asses … hei, I got an idea. That must have been some special rain coats, so that all the doggies could still siff each other’s butts under pouring down rain, right? Oh … err … wait. Are you trying to say they were not doggies??? 😳 :mrgreen: 😆 😆 😆

    Bel (sometimes it’s better to stay away from some asses … )

  3. Okay Bogie, just be thankful that you are at the “right” height for those chaps fellas. They like it even less when you have to jump up to sniff and kinda sorta hit them with the toenails on the way down. I used to get to go the lotsa parades with muzzer’s buddy Tim. Until I did that. Then he said the extra introductions were not worth the potential lawsuits. He has a YORIKIE now. Sheesh.


  4. Wow, Bogie! Assless chaps? They look pretty ridiculous even with asses IN them! Thanks for not showing us any! Hehehehehe! We are seeing some pretty scary halloween stuff around here, too (not at our own house, of course!) Have a happy fall!

    Penny & Patches

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