Today seemed like it was going to be a normal day – walkie, sleep, walkie, eat, poop, sleep.  The usual.  But when mama got home there was a big surprise in store for me… my newest friend Aunt Barb showed up with her car and we were off for an adventure!

Off the highway we made a pit stop and I saw this sign.  I read it and thought that it was sad.  Then I re-read it and had questions.  Number one – exactly how does a toll collector get killed in the line of duty (I can imagine some awful scenarios, but stay with me here)?  I was imagining things like rogue change, large objects thrown from passing non-paying scofflaws, or wide loads.  And then the dates struck me – he was killed in the line of duty 3 years before the bridge opened to traffic – as a toll collector.  Was he practicing?  (Again, I’m sure this was a terrible tragedy, but the mind does wander).

Enquiring Dale minds need to know.

But then it was on to more pressing matters – I had to poop.  Looking around everything was green and lush.  Just the kind of places I enjoy a good poop.  But what – what’s that in the center of this photo?

Ahem.  Two deer.  Staring at me.  Right next to the highway.  I felt it was my duty to protect them from the passing cars (and the depths of the McDonalds dumpster) so after a moment of true “what the hell is that” I chased them back away from the highway.  While they didn’t look terribly appreciative, I’m sure that they meant to give me a hearty “thanks pal!” as they turned tail and sped off.

Holy guacamole – or pumpkinmole – we’re in New York City!  And we have a few hours to walk around, just me and mama.  She’s going to show me all of her old haunts.  But first I am fascinated by this giant pumpkin.

Can we take it home mama, can we, can we, can we?

We were rapidly losing light which our camera hates.  So sad for no usable photos.  But we did walk all the way down to Washington Square Park, stopped for some tasty duck jerky (well I thought it was tasty anyway) and watched some musicians and street performers.  Then it was on to a little swing into the East Village.

The coolest surprise of all was then getting to see my pal Oliver – he of recent Bogart Roadtrip Across America fame.  We spent the evening having dinner outside (thanks for the pizza crusts my friend – I owe ya for that), talking, and laughing.  Come and see me (uh, I mean us) down in Philly sometime!

And I will drag mama back to NYC soon – AMAZING smells here…



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2 thoughts on “The Dale That Never Sleeps”

  1. What a grand adventure, Bogie! We could almost smell all those colorful pictures from here, too. And btw, you’d make an awesome investigative reporter. Say, Aire-Daley-News, anyone??? 😆

  2. OWOWOW! New York City is where sweet Miss Asta lives. Next time, will you please stop and see her, and give her lots of kisses from me.

    thank you

    pee ess…she has a serious weakness for AireGuys, ya know.

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