Mama is home sick today – yet I do not feel sick.  In fact, the rainy weather is kind of energizing this fuzzy bunny.

Do you see it?  Schell Street has been made in HELL Street.  Oh you humans are just too funny when you’re bored and have time on your hands (and crampons on your feet)…


Hell indeed, my friends.  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha…

Actually this guy just smells like hell.  He’s been out in the rain all day – yep, smells like all-day funk.  And he ate an entire bag of chips and callously threw the bag on the ground at his feet before falling asleep in the rain.  Give this man some crampons!

Ok, one nice pose.  Mama DOES love Halloween which is coming, but this display is a little bit too early for our taste (and will be soggy very soon).



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4 thoughts on “Tis the Season”

  1. Dear Bogie, we hope your mama feels better, and will get completely well real soon, and of course, we all know that you are taking good cAire of her … well, except for taking her out for those walkies when she might need to stay in bed, maybe?? Please give your mama lots of beardey-‘stachey AireSmooches, as they are the best medicine known to every AireMama …

    Bel, and his ma’n’pa

  2. We hope your mama is feeling better by now! Now, our mom has the sickies! We think it’s yet another sinus problem. She sounds like she has a horrible cold, but she doesn’t! She kind of sounds like a gruff old man! Hahahahaha! She can’t even yell at us, now!

    Penny & Patches

  3. Bogey,

    So sorry to hear about your mama. Are you taking good care of her? Tell her to take lots of liquids and get plenty of rest. I’m sure you are waiting on her paw and foot…right? When our mama is sick, we make sure to smother her with lots of Aire-kisses.

    p.s. Our mama says that next week we are going to send you a package of pine cones from the great Pacific Northwest! Look for it in your mail. But keep in mind, mama starts radiation next week, so if the package is delayed a bit, do not fear, for it will come!

    S & S

  4. Great pictures – loved the ‘Hell Street’ one. We have a Neville Road near us and some kids went out one night with white paint and whited out some of the letters so now it says ‘evil road’.

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