Ok, so he’s not exactly Green Man from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but he IS a green man, and he IS in Philadelphia, so…

And he wants me to go slowly apparently.  Silly green man.  I may just have to pee on you.

Dales go FAST, not slow.  Eat my dust, green man.

Mr. Owl agrees with me.  So what if he’s made of wood.  HE AGREES WITH ME.



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2 thoughts on “Green Man”

  1. We see little green men all the time. The driving habits of folks on the East Coast can easily be explained by the presence of aliens in large SUVs.

    Philadelphia looks like an interesting city. Do you miss Portlant?

    Enquiring minds (yes, there’s a Philadelphia Enquirer) want to know.

    Buster, Bailey, Sephie & Gracie

  2. Hei, Bogie, what if the Green Man was showing you the way to where plenty a juicy pine cones are secretly stached away for your enjoyment? 💡 Mmmmm …


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