For those of you who have mastered the basics of stickwork, I present Stickwork – The Next Level.

Notice the nonchalance – looking away from the tasty stick, ears forward to hear something way off in the other direction, away from the stick of goodness.

A bit of a devil-may-care (Bogart Handsome Devil DOES care) attitude.

Never let ’em see ya sweat.

Now s-l-o-w-ly place one paw over the stick.  Make sure to get it completely under your mighty paw.

Again, toss your head casually over your shoulder.

Until your mama tries to get funny and grab it from under your paw, then ALL BETS ARE OFF

Don’t worry.  You’ll win.  Drag your mama into a Dale Death Spiral if necessary.  They love that.

You’re welcome.



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One thought on “Stickwork… The Next Level”

  1. that is an exceptionally handsome stick. Probably worth the effort. But sticks are not my favorites. I don’t do that “fetch” thing at all. My humans have accepted that, but every once in awhile, they still try it.


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