I am bereft of my beloved pine cones so far here in Philadelphia.  I do miss my daily romp, chasing them as they bounce wildly, having a good crunch, carrying some home in my gaping maw for later.

But wait… These Are Cones

Not quite what I was thinking of… but I’ll take it (and pee on it)!



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6 thoughts on “Cones, Glorious Cones”

  1. We were thinking of you yesterday. We gots lots of pine cones here. Shall we send you some? Dad loves the way they smell. Muzzer still doesn’t have much of a smeller because of her allergeeeeeeze, but she likes the pine needles to walk on. Just send us an address and we will ship a box.


  2. Hi Bogart,
    It’s my first time here and I love your blog! I kind of look like an Airedale, too. Have a great weekend.
    Director of Dog Stuff

  3. Hey, just thinkin: if you cant get real pine cones go for ice cream cones!
    If you want the real deal from weirdo portland, you just let us know, it’s the least we could do for a fellow fluff head.
    woody and callie mae

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