Did YOU know that Lutraphobia is the fear of otters?  Well, I sure didn’t.  Glad I passed this sign today.

And of course this… the home of Dr. Philip Syng Physick, the Father of American Surgery AND America’s First Soda.  Wowza.  Surgery AND soda.  That Dr. Physick was a BUSY guy.

I am inspired to perform some surgery of my own – on these sticks.  And then I may get thirsty.  But first I have to wrestle them away from mama who thinks she’s helping me by carrying them but in reality is just annoying me.  Allow me to demonstrate.  First a good pull…

Then slowly lay down on the sidewalk – preferably where lots of people are walking – while still maintaining a Dale Death Grip on the sticks.

Distract your mama by turning your head adorably to the side, so that she has to acknowledge the people walking by and saying how cute you are.  This buys you time.  And time is sticks, my friend.

For the final bit, face your mama and SMILE BIG.  She will release the sticks while laughing and then the surgery can commence in earnest.



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5 thoughts on “Soda and Surgery”

  1. Yep, must acknowledge, Bogie, your technique is getting more and more super refined. Even dangerously so. Time to brand it: Bogie’s Deadly Stick Technique!

    He heeee …

    Bel (in Awe)

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