Everywhere we go in our new city, I manage to find the dog store.  Mama is impressed with my mad skills.  We don’t always get to go inside, but at least I can do my sniffing and look at all the stuff through the window.

This lion is apparently trying to sell me wine.  I didn’t know that lions drink wine, nor that they are apparently aficionados and prefer Pinot Noir.

I tried to talk to him about it, but as I’m not terribly schooled in wine culture, I figured it might be best to just keep moving.

Dad would have laughed at this – and I can hear him saying “What the f*%& is an Austrian lamp?”…

But it’s a real store here in Philadelphia – a very cool old-looking place.

Yesterday my newest friend Andi was visiting me and mama, and we walked all over town.  I even spent some time alone with him walking (I know, right?  ME!  Who won’t let anyone else take my leash except for mama!) and had lots of fun.  Mama was having fun too and forgot to take photos, so we retraced some of our steps in Old City.

More signs.  Geez, mama.

I guess if you’re looking for bar stools, then Mr. Bar Stool is the way to go.  I wanted to make a poop joke here, but mama gave me “that look” so you can just insert your own.

Very cool tools – some for shipbuilding!

And mama’s newest favorite sign in Philadelphia.

She says that if only she’d known – as a young goth girl – that there was actual moping equipment, she certainly would have gotten some (in black, of course).  She doesn’t recall having too many mops in her life at that point…

This Cool… Cat!

Wanted to kick my butt from behind glass.  He stalked me as I walked by and as I have had many run-ins with the kitties that share my home I have learned – BEWARE THOSE EVIL PAWS.

A place that we must visit sometime – Belgian Frites!  Mama and I can always share…

I think I remember seeing these somewhere else, but with cat heads.  I’m not sure what these are/were supposed to be.  Turnip heads?



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2 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New”

  1. Next time me going to build a ship, me goes to check out that tool store, Bogie. And, keeping up with the spirit of your (sadly supressed) poop joke, may I chime in with the peenot noir joke, please??? Bwa ha ha ha ……. What? I thought I was being funny ………..

    Bel (wota cool town you live in, Bogie!)

  2. I work in that area – across the street from the wine place! Glad to see you and Bogie are exploring all parts of the city – Monica (I wrote to you on FB today)

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