Just another crazy Friday night at the Bogart Handsome Devil household…

On tonight’s menu is a giant bowl of chicken soup for me, chocolate PEZ for mama (she splurged on a big box because apparently it’s not that easy to find chocolate PEZ), and a fine Netflix selection of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.  I like the dirty part, mama likes the Mike Rowe part.  Win-win!



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4 thoughts on “Rockin the PEZ”

  1. And what is dat dat chocolate PEZ, if I may ask? Are you sure you meant Pez, not Paws?? Hmmm … Back to Wikipedia 💡

    Bel (very confused … )

  2. Dinner of champions!! Tell mom, to have a little bit of your soup…moms can’t survive on just Pez! Bol


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