It’s funny because we are both.  Tourists – and locals.  Mama and I wander around – sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with the aim machine at least turned on – and we see a lot of cool things.  But yet we certainly don’t know much about our new adopted town at this point, and so it’s kind of important to do the “tourist-y” things as well as the “local” things.

While I was pondering that deep thought, mama was taking my picture with a varmint…

So… the Magic Gardens.  Because I can’t go inside we haven’t done so, but from the outside it’s still pretty darned marvelous.

It’s good to get in close – that’s where all of the good smells are.

So many smells and so little time.

We walked to the end of South Street where mama insisted I do the cheesy “tourist” pose:

These sculptures are pretty darned entertaining – for mama, that is.  I was on a mission to find new greenery and I COULD SMELL IT…

Yep, new greenery with new smells.  I jumped right up, posed for a few quick glamour shots to keep mama happy, then got down to the business of sniffin’.

First a funny face, while she’s testing out the settings on her camera…

Then busting out the serious cuteness…

Full body shot to take in the entire awesome Dale-ness…

Getting a little annoyed that this impromptu photo shoot is taking so darned long…

Okay, okay.  A little more supAIREmodeling…

The Many Moods of Bogart Handsome Devil…

And ending up with a bit of fun – I had to hold this pose for a moment while mama eagerly snapped away to get it just right (oh those PHOTOGRAPHERS…)



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5 thoughts on “Tourist or Local?”

  1. Our Bogey Boy,

    Mama said you hadn’t had an update for a few days, so we were chomping at the bit when she announced that you posted today! Actually, we were also chomping on some bacon (from mama’s dinner) but quickly finished so as to hear some more of your adventures.

    Love the great Dale poses…especially the cheesy touristy one. We love cheesy…way to go LuLu! We thought Portland was a bit odd, but Philly looks to have put Portland to shame in that area! The wall of junk was…shall we say…different. We’re with you, Bogart, head to the green stuff…skip the cement. We Dales know the fine art of a good walkies!

    Hugs & Kisses,

  2. Bogie,

    Your photosession is a supersuccess (as always, of course), but your last shot is super super hilarious: an olive branch to your face, and a fig leaf to your you know where, so to say … he he heeeee :mrgreen: if you know what I mean. :mrgreen: Your talents are endless, and your Mama’s eye is very artistic. Bottom line, Bogie, you phototrained your Mama well. … Errrrr … Wait a minute, I ended up not where I intended to … Oh, well. I enjoyed your pictures.

    Mucho Luv,

  3. Bogart-
    You are cute in any town! Okay, so you have to sneak into the Magic Garden and get some pictures, cause now we are dying to see what is on the other side of that cool wall!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  4. Bogart, your new city looks like it will never stop giving your mama new things to explore and you new backgrounds to pose for your delighted fans (like us). We love you,
    and mama Carol

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