We are constantly expanding our horizons, seeing new parts of our newest adopted city.  Today was overcast and rainy, but that’s no reason not to have a nice, long walkie!

Mama thinks she’d like to visit the Fabric Workshop and Museum sometime.  I’m not really interested.

This looks kind of cool…

Perhaps if it were made of jerky.  Then I’d find it more interesting.

Aw, cute black kitty.  Not sure what it is, but me likey.

New street, new butt shot.

We’ve wandered around here before, but that was pre-camera-time.  Check out the cool public art – game pieces!


Check mate!


Very cool with the backdrop of City Hall.  The contrast pleases me.

The famous LOVE Park fountain – a really great place to cool off even on a rainy day.

Even though it’s rainy and overcast, that doesn’t mean that it’s not HUMID.  Mama and I are still adjusting to the humidity thing.  It definitely does tucker me out, and mama has to bring my thermos along for every walkie in case I get thirsty.  Which I always do.

This is the Phillies Phanatic – and I’m just not sure about him.  I’ve seen him all around town, wearing different clothes, and I’m just not sure.

Mama likes this building’s facade.  Very stylish.

This is the place that Mama really wants to go – the Mutter Museum – apparently they have lots of people-parts in jars with extra pieces, missing pieces, and other assorted jumbles.  That’s really up Mama’s alley.

Sounds interesting to me… but apparently I’m not allowed inside.  Oh well.  She’ll have to wait for another human to go with.



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7 thoughts on “All Around the Town”

  1. Our Bogey Man,

    Love your adventures in Philly. It makes us feel closer to you, even though you are far away….at least that’s what mama says. Mama had her surgery and is doing ok. She says that she will email your mama to get your address so we can correspond numerous ways…including snail mail!


  2. Black cat and a white sheep … super interesting combination. On the subject of humans in a jar – nah, me is a no-go. My mamsie is already passing out. Sorry.
    But on the bright side, your fluff butt is a real asset to the City of Philly, no costumes needed. Right? Keep shaking your bootie, Fuzzy One! 😆


  3. Bogie, that ultra-marine, cerulean, heavenly, sky, baby-eyes BLUE color is amazing on you, and against your red furnishings. We wants more of your disco-pants in front of THAT blue. (Nevermind the chess – me only plays them when they are made of food, and even then the game lasts only secongs … 😕 )

    Bel (again, couldn’t help it!)

  4. Wow Bogey! You guys come across the most amazing sites- the beautiful, the humorous and the odd! The Mutter Museum would be fascinating but I would need to bring smelling salts and a puke bag along! 😳
    Have you found any pumpernickel bagels in Philly yet?

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