We took an evening stroll around South Street, this is near the Magic Gardens…

Rather than always walk down the same streets, mama and I enjoy taking little detours and seeing as much as we can.  Tonight we saw these two frisky characters:

And “A Man Full of Trouble”.  Mama says she needs one of these (perhaps without the parrot, though).

Venturing through the Society Hill area, we found this cool shop sign…

In my eternal quest for new greenery.

Hey – over there – I see a park I haven’t peed in yet!

Ah… grass.  Being a big city boy, I can really appreciate even the smallest patch of grass.  It’s nice and cool on my toes, and feels even better when I get to lay on it for a bit.

Lots of statues around, posing magnificently.  I too can pose magnificently.

Ready to go!  Must explore!



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5 thoughts on “High Society… Hill”

  1. Magic gardens and green grass … mmmm … what can be more appealing to an Airedale? 😆


  2. Muzzer says she loves Filly Dell-fia. Like Boston, there is history around each corner. It is that way in Richmond too, but we haven’t walked too many of those streets yet. (Our area is in the part of Richmond that did not get burned in THE WAR, so we hardly count around here!)


  3. Bogawt
    It must be exciting and cool to discovew new things evewy day
    I bet the gwass is happy to have you lying on it too..you pose bettew than any one I know(which pawt of Pill a delpia do you live in? I suwe hope I get to come meet you sometime
    smoochie kisses

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