Mama started out the day saying that it was going to be special… but I had no idea exactly HOW SPECIAL it would be!

We met up with not one but TWO Airegirls!!!  Sasha and Savannah!

I was smitten immediately, and was ready to be the center of a Bogart sandwich.  I could not resist their charms…

Although I should perhaps apologize for some of my more, um, horndog behavior.  I know that you pretty gals are spayed.  But I JUST COULD NOT RESIST…

We had so much fun getting to know each other, and creating a stir in Laurelhurst park.  Yep, the sight of 3 Airedales together is just too much for the human heart to bear.

I’m pretty sure that the girlies liked me too… we were all flirting up a storm.

It was really hard for mama to get many good photos of us because we were all running around so much.  And of course, because at every opportunity I tried to give those girlies some of my special Bogie-lovin’.

I was really in my glory, running around with these two pretty Airegirls.

And even though I tried and tried, they managed to keep me in check in a very feminine yet direct way.  Oh pretty girls, I’m sorry that we didn’t meet up sooner but I’m so glad we got to spend some time together!  Love and kisses S+S!!!

Even two pretty Airegirls can only distract me for so long from a good pine cone.  That’s right mama, THROW THAT CONE!!!  I’ve got to work of some excess energy now…

Caught it, chewed it, see?

More of my luscious tongue, might want to save some of those cone bits for later in my beard…

And a big kiss for mama for bringing me together with the Airegirls and having such a fun day!  It’s important for us to see things in Portland as much as we can before we head across the country…

Although this isn’t a Bogie-beetle or a Bogcedes (it’s just a rental) there is indeed nothing like driving around with my head out of the window, delighting passers-by.




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3 thoughts on “Lets Make a Bogie Sandwich”

  1. Bogie, you are such a Airegirlirizer!!!! You should open up a school of Bogie’s Gallant Skills. Me signs up right away, dear Teacher Mr. Charmer Irresistible International.

    Bel (Am I doing it right? Why are all the girlies running away from me???)

  2. What a great day you had, Bogie! I bet the 3 of you turned a lot of heads! We also heard that you and your mama had fun with Brooke and Greg!

    Penny & Patches

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