I have found the single most wonderful place to crash on a hot day when mama has forgotten to put on my cooling vest because it didn’t seem to be “that hot” outside.

A place where a boy can collect his thoughts, and his pine cones.

Surrounded by lovely blue flowers that provide both shade and an awesome background for photos so that mama will finally put the camera away.

See?  This is what drool looks like before it comes out of my mouth.  I’ll be you won’t forget my vest and thermos next time!

Oh all right, just a few glamour shots…

No need to deprive the world of all of my tongue-y goodness…



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7 thoughts on “Spot the Airedale”

  1. Bogart, you look very cute under the Hydrangea bush. Hey, you have 2 tongue spots! I have 1 tongue spot. Mom says it looks like somebody took a Sharpie marker and made a big dot back there! 😉


  2. Those are Old Girl’s FAVORITE flowers. She can’t get enough! And you are especially handsome in the middle of them!

  3. Bogie, me missed you so much!!! My mamsie and papsie took me away for a lil holiday, but I didn’t like it coz I couldn’t get to your blog and check your news. But now me is happy happy happy again. You are even cuter than I remember 😳 . And blue IS definitely your color (like all the other colors in the Universe, too) 😀 .

    Bel (really, really missed seeing your Fuzzy Handsomeness)

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