Of fun, frivolity, and baking hot sun that is.

Continued testing with the cooling vest has been nothing short of a complete success – longer walkies have been accomplished and more precious cones have been gathered.


We also swung through the early Bastille Day celebration here in the Pearl District – not much for doggies to do this time around.

The place was swarming with overly-caffeinated children and slow-moving adults.  Not really my cup of tea, and I didn’t see any dog-related booths so oh well.

Jamison Square – where the Bastille Day celebrations took place – is one of the parks that I visit daily in my quest to pee and poop over everything here in Portland.  On the hot weekends it becomes almost a beach – children running wildly in the fountain, adults variously chasing said children and lying on the grass, lots of weird chalk writing and odd foodstuffs left behind.  So I am just doing my part by “leaving something behind” – I poop here during the week, so you fancy Pearl-people may lay on it during the weekend.  A fair trade, I think.

With all of that ruckus, a boy has to go outside of the park to find a decent stick.  I found three.  And carried them all around NW Portland.  Kind of like recycling – but not.



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6 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth”

  1. I love your fuzziness!
    Glad you are staying cool in your handsome new vest.
    We enjoy stopping in and checking out your Bogartness. Say a special hi to your mama from my mama.

  2. Hi Bogart!

    Hey, I went to the big city with my mom on Sunday. First time I’ve ever been in the city! I saw a luxury condo with my name on it! We looked around the corners for you…no luck 🙁


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