Mama broke her toe the other day… the little pinkie one, the one that should really be the least important one yet when it’s large and purple it’s really the most important one.  I too have stubbed my fuzzy toes before and remember that yes it does hurt but that’s no reason why we shouldn’t go for a walkie.  I always forget about the pain after a few blocks, so reason goes that she should too.

Something we’ve never noticed before near the South Park Blocks…

Come in a little closer…

Yes, it is a salmon – on the corner of Salmon Street (these humans think they’re SO FUNNY sometimes)…

Back in the Pearl, this is another little cove that I visit on occasion but don’t think I’ve ever been photographed in.  It used to be the entrance to an art gallery, now there is some art store there.  But it’s really a lovely little oasis…

The water isn’t really drinkable though, and since it’s not moving it’s not that interesting either.

Ha!  There’s mama in the reflection.  I’d know that red hair anywhere!

These are pieces of the original freeway that ran through the Pearl District before it was the Pearl District.  Apparently most of what we walk in and where we live used to be industrial areas.  But these are cool and help keep some of the original character of the neighborhood.

Notice the wild animals in the column and the wild animal comin’ at ya… Woo! Hoo!



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3 thoughts on “Pearl-s of Wisdom”

  1. oooooch! Poor Mama…take it easy on her Bogie. Hoomans use that little toe for balance and stuff. They are not as genetically advanced as us Kay Nines.

    Muzzer loves the is one of her favorite places to walk wihile dad goes to meetings!


  2. Bogie, me can not believe you let your mama hurt her tootsie. Me thinkey your mama deserves a lot of tootsie-therapy now. AireLicks and AireSmooches work fantastic.

    Bel (sending Aire- and Hooman Zen from my ma and pa to add to tootsie-therapy’s regimen)

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