Well, here is something you don’t see everyday in Portland:

A big, red double-decker bus.  And people were getting on.  So I decided that I would as well.  However the crabby gal with the clipboard wouldn’t let me on.  I turned on the charm, and mama did her best (which usually gets us into places) but this time, no dice.  I’d really hoped to ride up top with the wind beneath my floppers.

No matter.  I’m sure I can find something to do that will annoy them just to show my displeasure.

Hey, it worked!  I got their attention!  And they wanted me to step away from their bus!


Now I shall just stare at you for an uncomfortable period of time.  Don’t worry, I’ve got at least an hour of walkie before I get hungry, so I’ve got the time…

People are so funny.  They weren’t mean or anything, just not willing to go along with the spirit of the game – having a local superstar in their midst, you would have thought they’d at least have a sense of humor about it.

I bet THIS guy would have let me ride AND would have had a sense of humor…



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5 thoughts on “Bus-ting a Move”

  1. Bogsie, HA HA HA HAAAAAA! H! A!! You are so mean serious funny! If I had a double-decker bus, you’d be DRIVING it, man!!

    Bel (my ma is such a pansy – she is afraid to even look at those double-deckers, she thinks they are about to roll over …)

  2. Bogart you need to get a little vest. Your Mama could mumble something about service doggie…..then you could ride the bus!


  3. Sorry, Bogie! Some peeps just don’t GET it! Did they think you might start chewing on the seats?…with your mama right next to you? Sheesh! It was THEIR loss!

    Tell your mama that we hope her pinkie toe gets better soon! Our mom broke her middle toe, one time, and couldn’t wear shoes for weeks! In the winter time! She kicked her boyfriend (at the time) and he was wearing high-top work boots. :mrgreen: Needless to say, she never did that again. 🙂 Fortunately, she dumped him a short time later! 😆

    We hope you had a great 4th with not too many fireworks!

    Penny & Patches

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