It seems to strange to complain about the heat (when I’ve most recently complained that it has been raining non-stop for months) but this sudden jump to the 80 degree mark is putting a cramp in my walkie-style.

Mama and I both are feeling it – even though I got a major hair strip in the last few days, I’m still getting tuckered out just doing our regular walkies.  I did get a spiffy new thermos of my very own for our walks (much better than a water bottle because a thermos has it’s own cup, you see) and now mama’s thinking I might need to get a cooling vest to keep me cool enough for when we move to the east coast.

I love ya mama for thinking of ways to keep me comfy… and for understanding that less walkies are NOT a valid option…



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8 thoughts on “Beating the Heat”

  1. Bogart ~

    The Griffindales are so profoundly excited to hear that your handsomeness is moving east! You must tell us if you are coming to the BOSTON area as we will surely make the effort to see you !!!!!!

    That aside, your mamma rocks, she would never forgo the walkies….Nose pokes!

  2. Wyatt’s way to beat the heat….less walk, more swim!
    Stanzie’s way to beat the heat….less Wyatt, more laying in a cool dirt hole!
    Portland is going to miss you. When are you moving?


  3. Oi, Bogie! Can you hear the sizzling sound? That’s me, poor Bel. No me likey hot weather. Give yourself and your mama a break from walkies. You can also lay down in the shade, panting, with your tongues rolled out long … errr …. both of you I mean. But seriously, take it easy on such hot days, sweet Bogie.

    Bel (NOT willing to venture outside, absolutely NOT!!!) 😆

  4. Hello Bogart..we hope you remember us? we just got back to blog land after a long spell. we have missed all our friends and missed so much. Lots of catching up to do.

    Walkies..glad to see you are still keeping those paws walking. do you get to eat ice cream at the end of yout trippee to cool down??

    When are you moving?

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thuglets

  5. Bogawt
    Youw Mama loves you best of all , she would nevew not take you fow walkies..She’ll aways figoowe out ways to make you comfowtable..gweat new Aiwecut!!!!
    can’t wait to have you on my coast
    smoochie kisses

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