Time flies when I’m not blogging…

I’ve spent the past week still doing normal, everyday dog things, like watching this little bird’s excellent worm-catching technique (lots of worms out here in rainy Portland)…

Checking out new and exciting flowers in full bloom from all of our recent rain…

Mind the bumblebees!

And avoiding enraged crows intent on preventing me from walking past their special spots.  This one was SERIOUS, not only was he squawking his feathery head off, he dive-bombed me and mama several times.  His aim is flawed, thankfully.

Here he is working out the coordinates for yet another unsuccessful diving mission.  Ha ha my winged friend, VICTORY IS MINE every time you miss me and one of those times you may fly a little too close to my waiting mouth and then who’s your daddy, eh?

This just made me and mama laugh.  It was a mini trailer.

Still love me?

Hehehe – you silly humans are POWERLESS TO RESIST!  I will not deprive the world of my fuzzy mug for such a long time again, I know your delicate hearts cannot stand it.



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5 thoughts on “What a Week it Was”

  1. Of cos we luv you, Bogie 😆 . We almost lost it – without seeing Your Fluffiness for soooo long … Just how do you suppose we can goes on with our lifffes when you are not showing your Cutiness to da world? Please stay safe, and keep your mama safe from dive-bombing. :mrgreen:

    Bel (psycho-Crow, you are going down, you turkey … he heeee)

  2. Dawling Bogie

    you’we soo wight, we can’t take youw absence fow this long..I pawsonaly need my Bogawt fix, hehe
    do we love yu???
    Awe you kidding???

    WE loooove you twoo
    smoochie kisses

  3. Hi Bogart!
    Nice to see you back. Of course we missed your fluff face!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  4. Darby the Airedale is just dropping in for a few, to say Hi to Bogie his buddy. Love your blog. Does Bogie talk, too?

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