Mmmmovin’ out.

Mama has been a very, very bad blogger – yet there is a real reason this time (other than her usual laziness).


In another month or so, we will be packing up our lives here in Portland and heading east – to Philadelphia!  Mama says that she just found us an apartment, and hopefully someone will want to give her a job (I’d prefer that she stay home with me all day every day and cater to my needs, wants, and desires, but hey, someone has to bring home the bacon).  Mama is from the NY area and well, we’ve been pretty lonely here in Portland since Dad passed away.  So it’s finally time to bring good friends and family into our lives again.


I’m helping out by packing – first the most important bits, my stick and pine cone collection.


So soon it will be off to (hopefully) greener pastures.  We’re all really excited and really scared out of our minds.  It’s going to be an epic road trip and a huge change for all of us.  But mostly, WE’RE EXCITED




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13 thoughts on “Mama if that’s movin’ up then I’m…”

  1. Bogawt!!!!
    Oh my dog!!! I’m so excitewed!!1
    Phillydelphia is sooo much closew to me..I might get to meet you someday!!!!
    This is so gweat! I know they’ll be lining up to give youw bootiful, talented, smawt Mama a tewwific job..I hope it will be fow a few days a week wif quadwoople pay so that you can be wif hew mowe. I hope all youw sticks and cones fit into youw baggage. Those pictoowes of youawe faboolous..i feel like you’we closew aweady.
    Sending you good luck smoochie kisses

  2. Can’t wait to see Bogart posing at LOVE Park! He’ll love the cheesesteaks too lol 🙂 Good Luck Lulu!!

  3. Good luck, you handsome devil and your mom, too. Big hugs and we expect to see a travel journal. Best wishes

  4. Oh, Bogie! Good luck, good luck and good luck! We just can not wait to see you, and your mama, and the kitties happy again, surrounded by dear friends. Please tell your mama to never stop blogging. That is after you all settled down, nice and comfy. We be thinking of you all mightily 😛 .

    Endless Luv,
    Bel, and his ma and pa

  5. Good luck with your trip! That is exciting – sometimes a new place (with lots of friends and family nearby) can open up new beginnings!! Plus, I’m sure Bogart will love all the greenery!!

  6. Good luck with your move and the big drive across the country! I hope once you’re settled, you can pick up the blog again. I love your photos and blog entries!

  7. What a great adventure you will have! If you need any moving tips, just ask our mom. She and our dad moved 14 times in 15 years. You might say she’s an expert packer! We are sure you will like Philly! They have pine cones and sticks too!

    Penny & Patches

  8. mmmmmm – we love Philadelphia…it is an EPIC city for walkies. We hope you have a safe trip with lots of pictures to post. We will be moving to Virgineeyah about that time, so maybe we can wave as you pass us on the road.


  9. Bogart, this is so exciting! My mom is so glad she got the chance to meet you but we’ll miss seeing you pawing around our home town.

    We look forward to seeing your adventures in a new city. Being by friends and family is important.

    Purrrs, Cory

  10. YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Matt and I were just talking about taking another trip out to Oregon in a few years. On the docket was going to be trying to meet Bogart and Wyatt.

    BUT NOW we can meet you on the East coast!!!! Lulu, we are in Delaware…..20 minutes from Philly. So we can be new friends too!

    Good Luck packing and trashing. You guys are very brave to make such a big move. But we all support you how we can. Looks like we’re going to have to have a welcome party with your other East coast friends.

    It’s good to feel loved…………

    Violet, her humans and kitties.

  11. Oh, Bogart! I hope this move will be good for your mama and you! You’ve been through so much, especially your beloved mama. Please keep us posted on your moving adventures. I’m hoping family will bring much joy, emotional support — and more blogging and photos, bien sur!

    Love, Cheryl & Kirbster

  12. Oh how exciting for you two, as you set off to find your next life experiences! I wish I could come along for the ride!!

  13. hey bogie we too have been a bit slow at catching up with peoples news and wow wow wow to you guys for moving to a new home that’s fantastic and we know you will all be very happy close to family

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