The nice folks at Clean + Green sent us a can of their carpet and upholstery cleaner, made especially for pet stains.  As you can imagine, we have our share of those.  Oddly, we received the can a few weeks back and there has been no VOMIT, POOP, or PEE in the meantime (well, not in any inappropriate places, that is – otherwise we’d explode).

Luckily, just as mama was about to give up, this appeared courtesy of Kafka (yes, it’s cat puke):


And he was kind enough to “produce” on the off-white carpeting that covers our place.  Purrfect.  So we first cleaned up the “extra” bits per the instructions, and then soaked the new stain:


After waiting for about 15 minutes, most of the stain was gone, with no scrubbing:


After another round:


The stain was almost completely gone.  And mama can confirm that the smell was gone as well.


At the get-go, we weren’t expecting much.  Mama has tried almost every product out there that claims to get rid of pet-related stains.  We were really pleasantly surprised.

This product worked really well on fresh stains – it was a bit more challenged by older ones (yes, we have a few of those around as well).  It definitely faded them (even one that wasn’t pet-related) and didn’t do any damage to the rug itself which was great.  The can itself is large but empties rather quickly (after soaking the one new stain 2x and trying out 5 smaller older stains), but maybe mama soaked them more than necessary – if you have a lot of stains to remove, definitely get more than one can.  I’d say that this was a really tough test for this product, as our carpet is both lightly colored and fuzzy and therefore difficult to clean (I can hear mama whining about it now), and it performed well and as advertised.

The bottom line is that Clean + Green is a definite Buy Me product, super to have around for “accidents” – especially ones that you find quickly.  It’s completely safe and non-toxic for pets (a BIG plus), and I saw some at my local pet store the last time I was there.  Take a look for yourself at their website, you can buy online too!



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3 thoughts on “Feeling Clean + Green”

  1. Thank you, Bogie! Good to know. 😆

    Bel (now we have to find some carpet to test C+G’s magic powers, as we only have tile and wood floors … damn it!!! :mrgreen: )

  2. Sounds like a great product! From time to time, a dog who shall remain nameless, does poopies in the living room in the middle of the night! Our usual stuff works pretty well, but it looks like this stuff might work a little easier. Thanks for the tip!

    Penny & Patches (the middle of the night pooper)

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