Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night shall stop the red-raincoat-ed Airedale in his nightly rounds.


I don’t care if it’s raining, I HAVE TO POOP.  And I will not compromise on it’s placement.  I can’t just poop on command, you know (actually I can, but no reason to let the humans in on that secret, eh?).  I must first walk a bit, stretch the muscles, and get ready for the mighty evening poop.


Hm.  Poop in the “little dog toilet” area, or wait for something more scenic?  THE AGONY OF CHOICE


In the end, I chose to go with the little dog toilet area.  Since no other doggies were around, it was fine for my purposes.  And mama is getting cranky in the rain (apparently while she managed to dress me in my raincoat, she forgot to put the hood on hers.  I keep trying to tell her that HOODS SERVE NO PURPOSE but she just DOES NOT LEARN).


Go home, you say?  I don’t think so.  I am not going to let a little torrential downpour ruin my evening walkie.  In fact, I am going to find the biggest stick I can just to show you that I am not ready to go home yet…


Come on mama!  Only an hour to go!




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6 thoughts on “Walk Not, Poop Not”

  1. Ah Bogie,
    Alas, your mama “does not learn” but you, in the proud tradition of your papa before you, will continue to try to educate her.

  2. Just singing… in the rain… I’m singing in the rain…

    (pawing in the rain — Bogart, you need an umbrella and a musical score)


    Gene Kelly

    (I mean, Cheryl & Kirby)

  3. Bogie,

    True AireGentlemen always offer their own (not needed) hoods to their mamas.

    Bel (naaaaah, not me. I stay home when it’s raining. Damn those poopies!!! :mrgreen: )

  4. Bogawt

    You awe devestatingly handsome in youw wed waincoat . I love a boy who doesn’t let a little downpouw wuin his have the twoo kind of tewwiews spiwit!!!
    smoochie kisses
    Tell youw Mama to weaw hew cute wainhat next time

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