This fantastic lion, king of the jungle, was sitting in front of a building here in NW Portland, waiting for me.


At first I thought I’d just hop up to where he was, but he was up pretty high.  So I had to stop and think for a moment.  I looked around and realized that I was right next to a flight of stairs that were right next to his greatness.  So I got right on that.


Hello my friend…


King of Terriers meets King of the Beasts


See how small he looks next to me?  He just cannot handle being in the presence of a true King.


You are indeed awesome my friend, and I am pleased to be in your concrete-company.


Oh yeah.  King of Terriers… out!




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3 thoughts on “King of Beasts”

  1. Are you sure, Bogie, that he was a King and not a Queen? Are you sure??

    Bel (just wondering …)

  2. Hello Bogie,

    My humans were in Portland this past weekend (unfortunately I didn’t get to come along) They said that while they really didn’t think they’d see you, they couldn’t help but keep a look out just in case because they now think of Portland as Bogart’s turf. They really liked Portland and are looking forward to their next trip (maybe next time they’ll take me!!). And, for a really good breakfast, they highly recommend the Everett Street Bistro in the Pearl District, probably because they know I’m a big fan of French toast, pancakes and bacon!!

    Love your blog!

    Stella, Sister of Jaffa

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