Rose-y Nose-y

Preparations are well under-way for the Portland Rose Festival coming up next week: It looks like it’s going to have all sorts of rides, events, and things for the humans to make themselves sick on. I am not much for these sorts of things, they’re usually really crowded and have lots of little children screaming.…


Pigeons Part Deux

Something odd happened this afternoon.  Even the randomly-placed sticks and tree detrius arranged with no particular care around generally-boring pipes leading to holes in the ground noticed it. I was on my midday walkie in the North Park Blocks, like always. Things are green and lovely today – it’s our first real day of spring……



Now you see pigeons… Now you see Airedale paws (oh, and flying pigeons). No pigeons were harmed permanently (well, maybe mentally) in the making of today’s blog post. Love, Bogart

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