Tulips are EVERYWHERE here in Portland, out for all to see…


Every color (except black ones – mama was really looking for some of those really dark-almost black ones and couldn’t find any – yes she’s kind of odd)…



Big patches of them…


Or just a few swaying in the breeze.


Colors intermingling…


And in various states of petal-disrepair.


And like our friends the tulips can show us – never be afraid to be yourself (even if you’re a squat red flower in an exotic purple-and-white bunch).


Oh lets face it, I’m just glad it’s not pouring rain outside today.  Even though that pouring rain is what makes these lovely flowers.



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7 thoughts on “Tip Toe Through the Tulips…”

  1. One more wonderful lesson of wisdom from Bogart and his mama. We be always not afraid to show ourselves for what we are! And just show them all at all, yes? :mrgreen:

    Bel and his ma, totally mesmerized by all beautiful tulips

  2. Hi y’all…we have been semi out of touch, but finally have enough compooter juices to leave some comments…

    1. We love Lulu’s hairs. It is a great look.

    2. thanks for the info on the documentary. We didn’t make it through without crying, but will watch it anyway.

    3. Black tulips…love them. Ordered some bulbs from the catalog this year, planted 30 of them, three came up. In fact, two of them opened after muzzer left town. We hope they are still OK when she gets home, but they are much coveted by a lady who walks her doggie on the street, and they may be gone. We would try to get dad to take pictures, but if muzzer is bad, dad is even worser! We don’t think he should have told muzzer about the tulips…because now she will be sad about missing them, but he says she is the one who is always tellin’ people to cut what they want.


  3. I love going for a walk with you, and seeing everything on “our” level, not mam’s level. You see lots, you smell lots, you play lots, lucky life..

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