Well ok, probably not anything – probably not even most things – but at least to unveil mama’s new hair color:


And who better to present her than MEEEEEE?


She’s FUN.  Even when she drives me crazy, she’s still kind of FUN.


And she accepts my kisses all day long.


She knows when to share the spotlight…


When to be a background player…


And when to step back into my reflected glory.


We are quite a pair – not always sure of a pair of what – but we are always “in tune”.


Yep, that’s my mama…


Mama and I want to thank EVERYONE who reads our blog, checks in on us, leaves comments, sends us email… you make our days a little bit brighter (I’d make a joke about how bright mama’s hair is right now, but well, that’s just too easy…).



Bogart & Lulu

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10 thoughts on “Red-dy for Anything”

  1. You are the two Super RedHeads now, THE AWESOME REDHEADS, THE FANTABULOUS TWO!!!! ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

    Yipppeeeee 😆 . We absolutely LUV your newness, and brightness, and shineness, and baskiness in the spotlight, and absolutely all the springiness about you two!

    Big hugs from all 3 (Bel, ma Nata and pa Greg),
    Bel (speechless with Airedmiration)

  2. Your new Doo looks AWESOME!!!! Loved the black too but this is fun and bright and attractive, you look fabulous!!!!!

  3. Hello, Bogart and Bee-you-tee-full “Mama!”

    A joy to behold, these photos! We have worried about your Mama this past year and think of her often.

    Soon you both will be asked for autographs on the street.

    We especially love the crooners photo.


    Cheryl N’ Kirby

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