Friends… Romans… Countrymen… I come to you for advice.

My trusty green nylon harness is FUNKY!  I suppose that the years of wear along with my recent trips into the Willamette River have caused it to retain a very special funk that mama just cannot remove.  Now I know what you’re thinking – BRING ON DA FUNK – and that’s what I think too, but mama is insistent that the funk must be removed.

She has tried many cleaners, letting it soak, but so far nothing has done the trick.  Of course she could go out and buy me a new one (uh, I do think that I’m overdue for a spiffy one) but even if she did that she has realized that having a “backup harn-y” (as it is called in our house) is a really, really good thing to have.

So I turn my fuzzy ear in your direction – help a pup out, would ya?  What do you recommend for cleaning a funky nylon harness?




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7 thoughts on “Bring On Da Funk”

  1. Well, I met a man in the pub once who swore blind that even the funk of fox poo was no match for tomato sauce (ketchup). It has to be said that we’ve never tried this because putting tomato sauce on an Airedale seems like a recipe for disaster. Even if I put it where she can’t get her tongue she’ll just shake it all over the walls. But it may be worth trying for the Bogey Harny.

    Mojo’s girl

  2. Muzzer puts ours in the wishy-washer (far too often) in one of her unmentionable bags (where she puts HER harnesses and stuff) and they hardly ever get smelly, because it seems like they are ALWAYS in the washer. Plus, ya know…they shrink in the dryer and then we get flak because they are too tight! Hah!

    That said, we thought maybe tomato juice, because ya know what that is sposed to get rid of, and we thought maybe while your Mama was not lookin’ maybe you rolled in some of THAT, only a dead one.


  3. Hmmmmm, Bogie. Just why would your mama like to remove your mostedest wonderfuldest funk, no me understands. Although my ma does that, too. When she gives me a bath, she gives a bath to my psychodelic hippy-boy cotton collar (blue) and my more formal red one (nylon). She puts them in a tub with a very hot water with very concentrated solution of dog shampoo with tea tree oil, cedar oil, and other inedible oils in it (yuck!), made by Melaleuca. She leaves them “marinating” in there for a few hours, and comes to play (agitate them) once in a while. The doggie shampoo strips all the oils, and smells, and grime away. Did you try the neem oil shampoo? Me remembers many years ago you did get some Organix Neem Oil shampoo. Me thinketh if it works on doggies, it will work on doggies’ funk, too. Period.

    Good luck!

  4. Bogart-
    I bet it smells great. Like all the wonderful places you have been! In my doggie opinion, why spoil a good thing!
    Once Stanzie got sprayed by a skunk. We tried gallons of tomato juice and vinegar. All we got, was a sticky, crunchy dog, whose smell was reactivated every time she got wet again!
    Good luck with the harness.
    Love ya

  5. Hi Bogart!

    I don’t know what the hooman’s problem is with our wonderful smells!! You see, I am very fragrant – all the time- even after a bathie, so mom got this wonderful spray, it’s called ‘Zero Odor’ . If you have a Bed, Bath, and Beyond near you, they sell it there, but mom says it’s expensive there, but in a pinch, it’s worth the price. They do have a website, it’s cheaper, but you have to buy a larger amount. Not a problem in our house, she says!!
    Hope this helps out! I say, “Love the funk!!”, I don’t know what the hooman’s problem is with it anyway?!


    the Airedale pup

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