I think I’ve mentioned it before, but near my apartment there is a fantastic place that had been, well, lacking in the last few months.  Something so wonderful that I would walk here before or after almost all walkies.  An Urban Oasis if you will, a spot to stop and slurp the water, the “paws that refreshes”.


It is the William Wegman (he of the fine Wiemaraner photos) Public Dog Bowl.  An ever-running bowl of love here in the North Park Blocks.


Over the last few months, I’d noticed that it wasn’t so much running as dribbling and have not paid it much mind.  Not tasty nor interesting.  But a few days ago I witnesed the bowl being serviced and thought that good things were ‘a comin…


The bowl is supposed to represent his kitchen floor… and I wholeheartedly approve.


Today the water was tasty and refreshing, and more importantly, running like a champ.


Thanks, WW!  And give those fine Wiemaraners a big, sloppy, bearded kiss from me!




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4 thoughts on “The Urban Oasis”

  1. Bogawt
    How wondewful to combine Awt and a lovely tweat fow doggies!! Pawfect!!!!
    and looking at youw gowgeous face makes me know that that watew must e yummiefwesh and delicious
    smoochie kisses

  2. Ahhhhhh!!! How refreshing and perfect, Bogie! Thanks for checking up on this feature and making sure it’s runneth full 😀


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