Everybody needs LOVE.


Humans often talk about unconditional love, and how we dogs and cats are good at that.  I consider myself a top-tier provider of love for my mama, but well, I do have conditions.


I like my food homemade, my grooming occasional (but enough so that I maintain my rugged outdoorsman look that’s so popular with the ladies), minimal hugging, at least 3 walks per day, and LOTS of kisses.


Luckily all of these things seem to fit in with mama’s conditions as well.  We are a pretty darned good team.


I don’t judge her when she throws on her old sweatpants to walk me at 6AM in the rain, nor do I bust out the yardstick when my dinner is late because she forgot to turn on the stove.  I mean, right now I am cuddling on the bed on her pillow and the bed isn’t even made… and yet I say nothing.  In return I always try to keep her spirits up, make her laugh, and smother her with kisses.  A fair trade, I’d say.


Oh, there are pine cones too?  OF COURSE THERE ARE…



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5 thoughts on “Unconditional Love”

  1. Bogie! Video!! Super cute!!! Me loves to see your tail wagging!!!!!!! Yipppeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆


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