So apparently I have too much fuzz.  With spring now sprung, it’s time for a little deforestation.  So mama got our her rakes and went to town.


I do enjoy a good groom – mama lets me lay down and snooze while it’s going on – and she always remembers to provide copious amounts of butt rubs in between fuzz rippings.  So today we focused on my “ruff”, the extra layers around my neck.


And yes… that is a fuzz ball bigger than my head.


First layer of spring grooming accomplished, it was time to head out for a walkie.  Rain today, not nearly as spring-y as yesterday.  And walking through NW Portland, we found probably the least necessary item in all of Portland:


Really, all you have to do is wait a few hours – if it’s not raining now then IT WILL.  And if not, then just find one of the many ubiquitous puddles all around town and put your beard way in…




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4 thoughts on “Deforestation”

  1. Hei, Bogie! Time for spring clean-up, eh? Me thinks you are smiling quite happily at all that magnificent fuzz your mama took off ya. Bet it feels good. Me be watching your progress, handsome!!


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