Well, over the last two days I’ve had some poop problems.  Without being too descriptive or ruining anyone’s dinner, things were a lot more “explosive” than they should be.  Mama thinks it may be the one day that she fed me a can of food instead of my usual chicken soup.  All I can say is that it’s pretty darned – pardon the pun – crappy.

But that won’t slow me down – today was lovely outside and the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom:


Today we are back at the “soft serve” stage.  Mama is pleased.  And so is my digestive tract.  Here’s to healthy poop!




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3 thoughts on “All About the Poop”

  1. Glad everything is well! I laugh at the “soft serve” – on Navy ships the ice cream machine is called the “dog.” As in, “I’m going to get some dog” after dinner.

  2. Ah, how beautiful, the trees in spring bloom … Here is to your precious poopies, Bogie! May they always be just as perfect and beautiful! 😀


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