It’s another one of those “only in Portland” kind of things.  It is an art installation, and well, it defies easy explanation.  Now mama and dad got married by Elvis in Las Vegas, so maybe if I ask really nicely, the spirit of Elvis will come forth and help mama and I in our darkest days.


So as “The King of Terriers” I approached “The King” and speak a language that only we two can understand.


And Elvis said, “That’s All Right Mama” which I relayed to her and took to mean that everything will eventually be ok.  All hail THE KING!


Uh, thank you, thank you very much…



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6 thoughts on “The 24 Hour Church of Elvis”

  1. Uhmm … Amen, then. 😀

    Now you know where to go to ask for special wishes, right? And it’s open 24 hrs, always. Very cool. 😆

    But remember, though, to ask not only for more delicious pine cones and juicy sticks, but for more sunshine and kisses, and everything nice for your mama. 😛


  2. Bogart-

    You are such a clever doggie. Sending lots of Airedale hugs and kisses your way. Keep your nose down in the grass this week. That’s where the 4 leaf clovers are!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. w00fs, me likes the heart grass…and me n mama love the piksur of ur mama kissin u…and we wood like to thank you for sending mama the means sooo much to us that all of u took time out of ur busy days to make something as meaningful as the craines…we will treasure them always…mama has a ct-scan scheduled for thursday, and she not thinkin to much of anything else..

    b safe,

  4. Beloved Bogart:

    We’ve missed you terribly. Hope all goes well. We shall tour your site to check out all the blogs and photos we’ve missed.

    Love, Kirby & Cheryl

  5. Bogie!

    We live in ElvisVille, USA. We prolly have more Elvis than Lost Wages does!

    You and Mama are welcome to visit, but meanwhile we will continue to honor him on his many days (we’ll celebrate most anything here) and ask for more sunshine and kisses for you and Mama (you’ve got the pincones under control.)

    I can’t go to his grave, because no dogs are allowed in Graceland. Hmmm…and this at the home of the original “Hound Dog” man. But I will do my best.


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