I cannot believe that it has been one year now since Klaus passed away.


The 1 on the cupcake is for two things – acknowledging that it has been one year since Klaus has been gone, and also that it has been one year into my new life.  So technically I turned 1 today.

My life as I knew it ended when I lost Klaus, and it’s been a rocky first year of life without him.  I suppose that for any creature the first year of life is difficult – you have to learn how to do so many things, you make lots of mistakes, and you are very dependent on everyone for everything – you learn how to eat, how to breathe, and how to live.   I have new eyes now – the old ones weren’t good anymore – they still have that “new eye smell” and are still a bit hazy, with lots of floaters.

I can’t say that I’ve done well, only that I’ve done things truly “My Way”, which is the best and only way I know how.


My ever-constant companion Bogart has truly kept me alive.  His devotion, his protection, and his ability to make me laugh out loud every single day help me believe that still being alive is maybe not such a bad thing.  Every person who has touched me this past year has made an impression, but no one could ever be close to what Bogart has done.


And of course my kitties – the little furry devils of my heart – sleep with me every night, helping me to chase away the perpetual nightmares (that’s Aeon, trying to score some frosting)…

Again… Thank You All for your love and support.

And to my dearest husband-o Klaus, I love you, I miss you, and I will see you in my dreams.



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5 thoughts on “I Did it My Way”

  1. We are soooooo sad for you, Lulu! And our mom knows exactly what you are saying! It is sooooo hard to just start living life again! We do hope you get to see Klaus in your dreams FREQUENTLY! Our mom dreams about our dad almost every night and it seems to, somehow, help! We don’t know why, but that doesn’t really matter! What matters is that he is still here with her…if only in her dreams.

    Take care of yourself, Bogart and your kitties! We will be thinking of you!

    Penny, Patches and Lana

  2. One year, wow. It feels like forever … We keep you, Lulu, and Bogie, and your little helpers the kitties in our hearts, and think of you all with great warmth EVERY day. You are very strong, extraordinary and kind woman, Lulu. Going through your own unbearable loss, pain and grief, you were still shining Light and Love into the lives of so many others … Thank you! And May You Be BLESSED!

    With Love from all 3 of us,
    Nata, Greg and BelAire

  3. Lulu, Bogart and Kitties,

    What a nice tribute. We’re sure that Klaus is smiling. You are strong and amazing!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

    P.S. We forgot to mention, how stylish the 2 of you looked in your last post. Truly the best looking duo in town!

  4. Lulu and family,
    We think of you everyday. Losing a true love is difficult but you’ve continued to breath through it one minute at a time.

    Personally, I don’t think it gets easier. However maybe more manageable. Somehow you just keep living and in your special case…. YOU keep giving! Amazing!

    Please know our thoughts, prayers and good vibes are sent your way.
    May you continue find some semblance of peace.
    Julie and family

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