One of mama’s favorite gnarled trees in our neighborhood.  I enjoy it as well, just mostly around the root area.


As you can see, we are again experiencing some fine Northwestern weather.  No complaints, the rain doesn’t bother me one bit.  Mama on the other hand…


She sees the vast open area of the North Park Blocks as as a kind of muddy minefield.  Valiantly she tries not to step into its muddy goodness while I explore, but some days I really feel like exploring…


A smile?  A grimace?  A slightly snarky eyeroll?  Some people just see crap on the ground, occasionally mama sees something more interesting (of course I noticed it first, but then again, I AM closer to the ground)…


Oh mama and her pictures.  Sometimes I do my model thing and then bam!  we’re done, but other days it takes a little longer.  Over and over and over again, come here Bogart, stand there Bogart, just a quick pose Bogart…


Mama, you know I’m kidding, right?


Oh… of COURSE I’m kidding around!  I’m just testing your photography skills with my advanced modeling.  Not every mama can capture all of my personality the way that YOU can!  Not everyone is good enough or fast enough to record my every golden moment to film (uh, memory card).  That makes you one special mama!


So now I will jump up and give you a big, sloppy Aire Kiss, to show my appreciation.  And you will miss the photo.  Because you’re getting a big sloppy kiss.  AND YOU WILL LOVE IT




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6 thoughts on “Airedale Supermodel”

  1. Bogawt
    Ihave long thought that youw Mama is one fantaboolous photogwaphew..she has that least that’s what mommi says, heheh..I just think any pictoowe of you is wowf looking at ovew and ovew!
    I love youw mama’s expwessions and we noticed the cool expwession on the gwound too, heheh.
    I wish I could take a good mudbaf in that yummie ooze.

    also love the pwobably gwewe so tall fwom youw special watewing.
    have a gweat weekend
    smoochie kisses

    pee ess..whewe could mommi get one of those wain hats????
    can you tell us pleez?

  2. Mmmmmm … big sloppy Aire kisses … No wonder your mama is smiling. You are doing very, very good job, Bogie. I bet your mama would appreciate it even more if you’d invite her to frolic in all that muddy goodness with you. Now, that would be fun! 😆


  3. Mmmmmmm! Mud! We LOVE mud! We especially like to see just how much mud we can drag up the steps and into the house! You do have one very special mama, Bogart! And she loves you LOTS!

    Penny & Patches

  4. My Momma thinks she’s a photographer. Right. Then how come she takes so many blurry pics of the back of my neck?? We have lots
    of sunshine today (225 miles upstream from you on the Columbia Momma says) so I am laying belly up during my sun bath.

  5. Hmmmm…Have ya considered that you guys were joined together at the beginning of time, and maybe the photo-op in the mud is just the umpteenth reunion?

    Nothing will ever be quite as profound as the relationship ‘tween Mom-with-camera and the ‘Dale model…

    Buster, Sephie & Bailey

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