Today in the North Park Blocks, there were some new signs:


Now I am a man who takes his poop seriously.  While I am happy to leave it behind (hey, I’m done with it), mama always carries enough poopie bags and we adhere to the NO POOP LEFT BEHIND doctrine.

However… I hate to rain on the parade of the folks who spent some time, brain cells, and a little cash to print up these little ditties, but…

An awful lot of the poop in this area DOESN’T COME FROM DOGS if you know what I mean.  So I left them a message about it.


Another fine Public Service Announcement from Bogart Handsome Devil



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6 thoughts on “The Straight Poop”

  1. Me concurs, Bogie! Not sure about spelling and what the hell that word means, but you got the idea. You are THE Spokesperson for all the righteous poopers out there.

    Bel (Rrrrrrr … let me add my couple ounces to Bogie’s valuable opinion!)

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